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Color revolutions in India

By | 04/11/2019

Revolutions are something which change the particular field completely. color revolutions are associated with various socio-economic fields. For eg. White revolution etc. In this article we are going to discuss various color revolutions introduced in India. In various color revolutions most of the time government allocate separate budget, starts new policies and promote particular field… Read More »

International organization and their HeadQuarters

By | 31/10/2019

International organization and their headquarters are important topic of all competitive and government exams. Whether it is UPSC , SSC or any other exams, you can expect at least one question from International organization and their headquarters. Since this is memory type of concept, either you know it or not, it saves lot of time… Read More »

Important abbreviation and their full form

By | 11/08/2019

Abbreviation means short form of long word or sentence. They are commonly asked in competitive exams such as ssc cgl and other government job exams. Important abbreviation also increase your knowledge and understanding. So, in this post we are going to discuss some important abbreviations and their full form. Click here to download this information… Read More »

Top 100 one word substitution PDF for ssc and bank exams

By | 18/07/2019

One word substitution adds beauty to sentences. they help in shortening the sentences as well as make our verbal and written communication more effective. One word substitutions are helpful from exam point of view as well. Almost all government exam where English is asked, one word substitution is essential part of the exam. One word… Read More »

Top 100 Idioms and Phrases PDF For SSC CGL and Bank Exams

By | 15/07/2019

Idioms and phrases are most important part of English language section. Idioms comes under vocabulary section. The main advantage of Idioms and phrases is they can be solved in minimum time and accuracy is always hundred percent, if you know the correct answer. Here we are providing top 100 idioms and phrases for ssc cgl… Read More »

Sources Of Indian Constitution

By | 06/07/2019

Indian polity is very important section of all UPSC and SSC exams. In this article we will discuss Sources of Indian constitution. Knowing Indian polity not just help you to fetch good marks but also to know countries government functioning better. Indian constitution is world’s largest written constitution. It is derived from various countries constitution.… Read More »