Color revolutions in India

By | 04/11/2019

Revolutions are something which change the particular field completely. color revolutions are associated with various socio-economic fields. For eg. White revolution etc. In this article we are going to discuss various color revolutions introduced in India.

In various color revolutions most of the time government allocate separate budget, starts new policies and promote particular field by various measures. Color revolutions are also important from exam point of view. As almost every government exam contains at least one question from color revolutions in India or globe. In exam, they usually ask you which color revolution is associated with what and its founder if any.


In this article we are going to provide you list of color revolutions in India and PDF of the color revolutions in India.

color revolutions in India
color revolutions in India
RevolutionRelated with
Green Revolution Related with Agriculture
Blue RevolutionRelated with Fish Production
Black RevolutionRelated with Petroleum Production
Yellow RevolutionRelated with seed oil Production
Silver Revolution Related with Egg Production
White RevolutionRelated with milk production
Red Revolution Related with meat production
Pink RevolutionOnions, prawn production
Grey RevolutionRelated with Fertilizers
Golden RevolutionRelated with Overall Horticulture, Honey Production
Silver Fiber RevolutionCotton
Round RevolutionPotato

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