How To Attempt Mock Test For Competitive Exams

By | 07/05/2019
How To Attempt Mock Test For Competitive Exams

In today’s cut throat competition clearing any competitive exam(government job) or entrance exam is not cake walk anymore. When millions of candidates are competing with you, it is required you must have an edge over others.Everyone read books ,make notes and studies hard. But with changing dynamics you need to a bit more.Fortunately there are some ways to get over others and Mock tests are one of them.In this article we will see what are mock test, how to choose mocks and how to utilize them to gain maximum benefit.

What are mock test?

Basically mock tests try to emulate exam pattern and questions.Earlier there were only offline mock tests were available.But since, most of the exams are conducted online , you also opt for online mock test.

How to choose which mock test to buy?

While it is common thinking of the students to buy mock tests which have higher difficulty levels, this is not always correct.Here i am going to mention some of the point to note while buying online mock tests.

  • Difficulty level: must match the difficulty level of your actual exam. One level up in difficulty is OK but not more than that. If you go for much higher level of questions, they will just discourage you later on.
  • Solutions: Most mock test providers provide at least one set of test for free.Attempt those test and see the solutions. See if they are providing you a short and easy answers.Traditional way of solving questions is not going to help you in exam. So ,choose wisely because you actually have few seconds to solve a question. It is hardly 30-40 seconds in SSC examinations.
  • Analytics: See if they are providing good analytics, otherwise there is no benefit of solving mocks. Will talk on analytics later in this article.

Before attempting mocks remember

  • Never attempt mocks without preparation because without preparation you are not going to perform well, which will result in bad performance and this will affect your morale.
  • Always take mock test as real exam. Take exam when there is no disturbance and attempt full paper.Don’t leave test between the exam.
  • Take it seriously.Don’t attempt mocks in casual way.Take them as real exam.By doing this way you make sure you have given your hundred percent and can evaluate your performance.
  • Don’t try to take maximum mocks. Try to do less mocks but with detailed analysis. Remember quality matters not quantity.

How to analyze performance after mock?

This is where when most of the aspirants make mistake. They choose mocks wisely, attempt them with full seriousness but hey never analyze their performance.They just see their marks and close the test.”THERE IS NO POINT OF ATTEMPTING MOCK TEST WHEN YOU ARE NOT ANALYZING IT”.

  • Check how much time you are taking to solve a question. Compare your time taken with other candidate’s time.Gradually improve your time.Find out why you are taking much time and solve that problem.For eg you may be solving a question with lengthy approach, find a shortcut to solve those questions.
  • See the solution of both wrong and correct answers.Most of the candidates not check their correct answers.By checking correct answers solutions you can find out if their is better way to solve that problem which can save your precious time in real exam.
  • Note the questions which you are doing wrong in separate notebook and find solutions. Also note new type of questions you encounter.
  • At least buy mocks from two website or apps because by attempting mocks from one source you become comfortable with that series. Your real exam difficulty and type of questions may differ from those you have attempted. By incorporating at least two sources you are actually trying to solve varying level of difficulty of questions and little bit variation in pattern.It will be very helpful to you if real exam varies from previous year papers.
  • Don’t afraid if you are getting less marks in mocks.Rem,ember they are just mocks and used to practice and make yourself comfortable with actual exam interface. But, remember to learn from your mistakes.
  • In your initial days of preparation don’t compare yourself with toppers. You don’t know how long they have been preparing for the same exam.Just focus on yourself and try to improve slowly but consistently.
  • If your marks varies drastically from one mock to others it means you need to work on yourself.Your preparation is not going in good direction.Remember even small progress but consistently matters more than drastic and unreliable up and downs in marks.
  • Don’t wait to first finish the syllabus than to attempt mocks. See, complete at least 20% of syllabus than start attempting mocks.Don’t wait for those perfect moments when your syllabus is finished and you should take test because those moments never comes and even if they come, it will be too late.

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