How To Improve Vocabulary- A Pro Guide

By | 08/06/2019

The most important thing is to read as much as you can, like I did. It will give you an understanding of what makes good writing and it will enlarge your vocabulary.

J. K. Rowling

Vocabulary: To put it simple we can say vocabulary is nothing more than knowing the meaning of word. But its role is huge whether it is for competitive exam or in day to day life. Here we are going to talk about Vocabulary of English language. The more words meaning you know, you can read better and you can comprehend better. It will boost your confidence and fetch good marks in exam. It really doesn’t matter you are student or professional if you are good at vocabulary you will always be ahead from the others.

How to increase vocabulary

There is no doubt English has become global language and unanimously a business language across the globe. So, if you are good at English vocabulary, this is a huge plus point from your career perspective.

Advantages of good vocabulary:-

  • You will be a better writer.
  • You can comprehend better.
  • It will boost your confidence while you are speaking in public.
  • In all exams English is asked , so you will lead here as well.

I am writing this lost from exam, point of view , but this is helpful in general, so read till the end.

Steps to increase your vocabulary

  1. Movies: Who doesn’t like to watch good movies. what if i tell you you can use this your fun activity into learning activity.
Man watching tv

Just watch good English movies with subtitles on. Pause the movie when you encounter new word. write it down somewhere and revise periodically.

Remember to learn any new language the best part to learn it to Listen. Recall when you ere child nobody told you how to speak. You gradually started speaking your native language by yourself. Do ever wondered how that happened. well , you started speaking your native language automatically by simply listening. When you were child you just listened to what your parents or other persons speaking and you learnt it simply by listening.

2. Newspaper: Undoubtedly, Newspapers are great source of h keep yourself updated with latest information but hey also help you to expand your vocabulary. Write words which are new for you in some journal and revise it often.

3.Word power made easy Book by Norman Lewis – this is a classical book to vocabulary. Author has provided root words. Root words are helpful in expanding vocabulary as by learning a single root word you can remember meaning of multiple words.

4. Diversify your learning: Don’t just get stick to particular genre. If you like sports don’t read just sports read polity and science as well. The more diverse your learning is, the more diverse your vocabulary will be.

5. Make reading your habit- The sure shot way to increase your vocabulary is read, read and read. Make a habit of reading a book daily at least an hour. This will not just increase your knowledge and imagination, but increase your vocabulary as well. Remember if gymming is exercise for your body than reading is exercise for your brain.

girl reading book

6. Start Writing: Start writing your daily experience in dairy. When you write it English language you will come across words whose English words you probably don’t know. Find those words in dictionary and remember them.

7. Play quiz– There is plenty of interactive online website and apps where you can play English quiz. This will help you to recall words which you have learnt earlier and of course you will come across new words and for the new words rule is same. You have to write them in diary and have to revise.

8. Find a native English speaker– If you can find a native English speaker talk with them. This will help you to understand accent and how to pronounce words correctly.Don’t worry if you are unable to find a native English speaker, there are many online website and apps which provide this service. If you are still to find one talk to customer services executive of different international brands. This will boost your confidence and remove your fear of being judged.

9. Podcast– Listen to news podcast or anything you like. This will help you not just in vocabulary but also in correct pronunciation but also context to use words.


10. Think in English– when you started thinking in English you will came across many words whose English words you don’t know. You have to find those words in dictionary. The most important benefit of thinking in English is this will reduce and eventually eliminate your translation time from your native language to English. So, effectively this will make you fluent English speaker as well.

11. Feedback– Seek feedback from your friends or close ones. Ask them to give feedback on your progress. Find the correction area’s suggested by them and act on them constructively.


To conclude, we can say to increase your vocabulary you have to read and listen a lot. Don’t lose any opportunity to read. Read it on your mobile phone, in newspaper, book or anything else.It really doesn’t matter what and from where you are reading till the source is good and reliable.

Remember there is still no short-cut to success. You have to work smartly to achieve your goals.

If you find this article helpful share it with your friends and do comment in the comment section below. Happy Learning!

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        Remember there is still no short-cut to success. You have to work smartly to achieve your goals.

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