How To Prepare English For SSC Exams

By | 04/05/2019

English is essential part of every competitive exam. It can be SSC, CDS, state staff selection exams, FCI and this list goes on.In this article i am going to talk about specifically SSC or staff selection exams but this is applicable to other competitive exams as well with little variation.So , take your cup of coffee because this is going to be a long post but worth it.

Most of the students who haven’t read English as first language find it difficult to cope with this subject.They just endlessly follow myriad books and advice and become confused.

Prepare ssc english

What is tested in English exams?

First we need to understand what examiner wants to test in a candidate?. well, Examiner wants to know your comprehension ability i.e. ability to read and understand the written statement and second thing they test is your understanding of grammar.In government job exams they don’t want to be perfect in English, they simply want you to understand and ability to write basic English.

So, major components of English section in competitive exams are:-

  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

How to improve reading comprehension?

As its name indicate reading comprehension can be improved by reading more. Doesn’t matter you are preparing for which competitive exam reading always helps you. Even if you are not preparing for any exam it will help you in general to understand grasp English better.

Better read newspaper daily. They will help you not just for reading comprehension but for current affairs as well.Write the new words which you encounter in newspaper and revise them periodically. Solve at least one reading comprehension and find your mistakes. Don’t limit yourself just to newspaper, read whatever you found like article on your phone to magazine.Reading this way help you to read fast and understand better which will results in better marks in exam. Reading comprehension usually contains 30-40% of English section which can’t be ignore.So, work on this as discussed.Make yourself familiar to different topics not just one which you like because in exam no one knows which topic you are going to get. For example you like technology things and the passage in exam is about economics, what will you do. You become confused.To avoid this, diversify your knowledge by reading different topics.

How to master Grammar for exam?

Because you are reading to improve your comprehension as discussed already, the sense of grammar starts developing automatically. Remember you didn’t read any grammar books to speak your mother tongue.You just learnt your mother tongue by listening. Same logic goes to other languages as well including English.Watch quality English movies read quality articles on the internet. By doing this grammar sense will get automatically develop in you.

But if you want to learn grammar by books, here are some books which i Like and you can refer for ssc or bank exams.

  • Plinth to paramount by Neetu singh
  • objective English by SP bakshi


Just learn the grammar rules from the books mentioned above and practice as much as you can.Remember practice is the key.The more you practice the more you remember.

How to ace Vocabulary?

See, we have divided the English in 3 parts here i.e. reading comprehension. grammar and vocabulary. But in reality they are divided.When you are doing reading comprehension you are also learning grammar and vocabulary because any language is complete package of itself. They are not divided in grammar and vocabulary.

So, here are a few tips to improve vocabulary:-

  • Newspaper- when you read newspaper write down the words and meaning of the words you don’t know.Revise them regularly.
  • Learn vocabulary from previous year papers. Their are high chances of their recurrence
  • You can buy book Word power made easy.

So guys mastering any language is never ending process. To master English for competitive exams just read read and read and also don’t forget to practice.

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