How To Solve English Comprehension Passage

By | 27/06/2019

There is no doubt English has become a global language of communication. If you want to be successful you must be proficient in English. The reason behind this theory is English opens the business doors for you. Whether you are student or working professional English is integral part of our life. I am going to discuss How To Solve English Reading Comprehension in detail.

In this post we are going to discuss how to solve English reading comprehension passages in exams. You may be a school student, college student or competitive exam aspirants English comprehension passages are omnipresent.

Most of the time students get fear with English reading comprehension passages as it is very time taking process to solve it. First you have to read the passage then you have to answer the questions based on the passage.

How To Solve English Reading Comprehension Passage

Let’s see why English reading comprehension is so important.

Name of Exam Weightage of RC
CAT 70% of English section
IBPS clerk mains 30%

And this list goes on. So as you can see, English reading comprehension carries good weightage in almost every competitive exam. RC is also asked in school and college exams. So, We can’t afford to ignore reading comprehension.

How to solve reading comprehension effectively?

  • Reading: The more you read the more you learn. Reading not just enhance your imagination but it also help to build your vocabulary. When you read you will get familiar with new words and terminologies which help you in solving RC. It also increase your reading speed which is very important while solving reading comprehension in exam. Because it is all about time game, reducing your time in solving reading comprehension will put you in front league.
  • Don’t just read things you like. Suppose you like sports, then don’t restrict yourself to sports only. What you will do when you encounter article on economics in exam. So, read articles, news, books on different genre. This will help you to grasp new words. By expanding your reading horizon, you can increase your chances of better score in reading comprehension section.
Reading books

Quick tips to solve English reading comprehension in exam efficiently

  • Either read questions first and then read the whole passage or read the passage first completely then answer the questions. Both strategies are good. But don’t read question then passage and again read next question and again reading the passage. This will waste lot of your precious time in exam. I will recommend you to first quickly read the passage then start answering the question. You can save a lot of time in exam.
  • Remember, all the questions can be solved from the information provided in the passage itself. Don’t think out of the box here. You will end of doing mistake.
  • Don’t assume anything out of the passage. Try to find answers or inferences from the passage only. Restrict yourself to the information provided in the passage only even when that information seems wrong or opposite to popular belief. The examiner wants to check your comprehension ability not your facts.
  • Don’t think anything else while solving Reading comprehension as it can hamper your comprehension ability. For example don’t think about next section of exam or how bad your previous section went, this will create hindrance in your free thought flow.
  • Sometimes you don’t know the antonym or synonym of asked questions. Then take the help of context provided in the passage top solve those questions.
  • It’s good idea to practice at least two Reading comprehension passages daily before the exam.
  • Read the questions carefully : Sometimes we know the answer but we end up marking the wrong option. suppose in question they have asked which one is snot correct and you mark the answer which option is correct. So read the question carefully. By doing this you can avoid silly mistakes done by the students in exam.
  • If you exam is in offline mode, then underline the important facts provided in the passage, they will help you in solving the questions quickly.
  • It may be possible that you are not able to understand the passage completely, then take the help of the context and try to drive inferences.
  • Again, there is no formula or trick to solve reading comprehension passages. It seems difficult but it is easies to solve. Because there is nothing you have to rem,ember. For example to solve grammar related questions you must know the grammar rule. But this is not case with English reading comprehension. Just read more. Reading not just help you to fetch good marks in exam but also makes you a intellectual person. Like exercise is good for your body, reading is good for your brain.

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