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By | 07/06/2019

In this cut throat era even half marks play a big role in your selection let alone one or two marks. In India millions of candidates takes exams like UPSC, SSC, bank exam and others. I am going to tell you how to attempt multiple choice questions accurately when you even don’t know the right answer.

In competitive exam your selection depends on how you play with the options and how you use your knowledge base for it.

In this post i am going to discuss some hacks obviously legal one, which will surely put you ahead in the race. Before going deep let’s see how tough competition is and other aspects of competition.

As you can see from the above infographics selection ratio is only 0.26%.

well what you have studied for the exam is important but equally important is how you approach the exam and your mindset during the exam.

Let’s start with an assumption. Suppose there is 100 question in exam and you have attempted 60 question correctly. From the left 40 questions you know a little bit about 20 questions and about rest 20 you don’t have any clue. In normal cases you usually leave all the 40 questions due to fear of negative marking. Here comes the game of smart student who know how to play with options. Student who know how to play with options can mark 50% questions correctly out of those 20. If each question is of 2 marks he will score 20 marks(Assuming he attempts 20 questions from them 10 are correct and 10 are wrong). If 10 questions are wrong and negative marking is 1/4th then there will be negative marking of 5 marks so effective marks will be 20-5=15 marks.(here he attempted 20 questions from 10 are correct and 10 are wrong. Don’t you think in this tough competition 15 marks are game changer.

So, here are steps to attempt MCQ with more accuracy when you don’t know the correct answer.

  • Increase you knowledge base– you can’t get anything by multiplying with zero. So, you must have certain level of knowledge base. This will help you to eliminate options and mark correct answer even when you don’t know the answer.
  • If you are able to eliminate one option your chances of accuracy is 25%. When you are able to eliminate two options your chances increased to 50% and when you are able to eliminate three options Bang! you are 100% correct. Now see how your chances of success are getting increased exponentially.

Let’s try what we have learn till now with an example. This question is from ssc cgl tier 1 , 2017 exam

If you little knowledge base then you must know that second battle of Tarain was fought in 1192 AD. so option 3 is rejected as Akbar was from 16th century. option 1 is also rejected as it was fought in 326 BC. here we have removed two options so here our success rate is 50% so when you attempt 20 questions there is fair probability of 10 questions marked correctly. the more you know the more your chances of being correct.

We highly recommend you to play with option only when you are able to eliminate at least two options. Practice this trick first on mock test.

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