How To Stay Motivated During Competitive Exam Preparation

By | 13/06/2019

Hi friends, In this article i am going to discuss How to stay motivated during competitive exam you will also get to know how to prepare for competitive exams. After completing school education we have to face competitive exam. For example you have to clear iit-jee exam for engineering or NEET exam for medical etc. If you want a government job in India then You have to face seriously cut throat competition in India. For e.g. selection ration in UPSC civil services is less than 1% and same goes to ssc examination. To conclude if we want to achieve something better like getting government job or getting admission into top Indian institute you have to clear competitive exams. I am writing this article to Indian context but his applies to anyone from anywhere who is appearing in government exams.

motivation for competitive exam

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

Let’s analyze root cause of your negative thoughts or de-motivation during competitive exam preparation :-

  • Comparison : You constantly compare your performance with others. You don’t know since when that person is preparing for that exam. Even if you know from when that person is preparing, Remember every person has his own learning ability and pace of learning. Comparison of this type is like comparing tomatoes with apple. I know in competitive exam you must lead other candidate then only you will get destination. But remember to get success in competitive examination, you compare your performance with others only when you have spent enough time to prepare that exam and have achieved certain level of expertise. Don’t start comparing yourself with others from day one itself.
  • Just doing it because others are also doing it – Many times students start something just because their parents have said to do something or their friends are doing. If you are doing something for the sake of others, you will fail sooner or later. The reason is their is very tough competition in every exam and when you get setback , you will not be able to bounce back. Reason is you are being driven by external motivation which is not permanent. To defeat this cut throat competition you need inspiration which comes from inside, and that inspiration comes only when you have passion to do something.
  • Not Focused– This happens when you are doing multiple things simultaneously. When you prepare multiple exams which have different syllabus and pattern your focus gets distracted results in band performance. So focus on one thing or things which are similar in nature.

My key to dealing with stress is simple: just stay cool and stay focused. -Ashton Eaton

How to handle stress and how to remain motivated during competitive exam preparation :-

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others during initial days of preparation.
  2. Don’t do anything just because others are doing it. find your own passion.
  3. Stay focused. Don’t try to do multiple different exam preparation simultaneously.
  4. . Success in competitive exams depend on how consistent you are in your preparation. Find your mistakes and improve.
  5. Don’t ignore your health – Many times during competitive exam preparation we get into much stress and fully ignore our health which results in more anxiety and more stress. This will eventually hamper your performance in competitive exams. So, take care of your health.
  6. Whenever you feel like you are losing enthusiasm, Recall yourself why you have started this. You will get charged up.
  7. Never watch how many competitors are there competing with you. Remember you just need one seat, so improvise each moment. Rest of the things will get automatically lined up.
  8. Be with like minded people who are positive and have something great to achieve. Negative things or person just spread negativity.

So, if you like how to stay motivated during competitive exam preparation, please let us know in the comment section below.

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