How to Write Descriptive Paper in SSC CGL Exams.

By | 02/07/2019

Now a days descriptive paper is part of almost all major competitive exams, sarkari naukri exams whether it is SSC , UPSC, bank exams or any other exams. Descriptive paper means you have to write with pen on paper. There will be no objective type of questions. In this article we are discussing how to write descriptive paper in SSC CGL exams. Although I am writing this article keeping in mind SSC CGL descriptive exams, it is equally good for all sarkari naukri exams.

Since SSC has released the result of ssc cgl 2018 tier 2 exam, the next phase of ssc cgl 2018 is tier 3 i.e. descriptive paper. It is an offline exam where you have to write on paper with pen. This is not online exam.

Before going further, Let’s discuss why descriptive paper is taken. In objective type of paper the examiner checks your memory, reasoning etc. But in Descriptive exam, they test your understanding of the topic given, your subjective bias, and clarity of your expression in written form. Since as a government officer, you have to write many letters and have to understand letter or any other documents given to you. You have top read between the line. To do this your descriptive ability is tested.

How to write descriptive paper in competitive exams
Essay Writing

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What we are going to learn in this article :-

  1. Descriptive paper need
  2. Types of essay
  3. Parts of an essay
  4. Type of letters
  1. Descriptive paper need : As discussed above, descriptive paper is usually taken to test candidate’s understanding of the given topic, your subjective bias and your comprehension ability. Usually Essay, letter and precis is given in descriptive exam. You have to write essay on the given topic. Usually a word limit is set such as 500 words. You have to complete that essay in the given word limit. You must avoid any personal bias while writing essay at the same time you have to be natural in your answer writing.
  2. Types of essay : There are many types of essay. You must prepare all types of essay as in exam they can ask you of any type. In the list below we are providing list of essay types :-

2.1 Contemporary or current essay : In this type of essay, questions are usually asked on current affairs or important social or economic issues of that time. For example One nation one election, Trade war, or GST can be the contemporary topic of essay.

2.2 Political : In this type of essay examiner can ask you to write essay on political issue such as particular bill like triple talaq or National registry of citizen. You should read good newspaper to be aware of political issues.

2.3 Social essay : Evergreen social issues like poverty, Inequality n income, women empowerment or Dowry can be asked. There are topic which are not bounded to time. It means you have to read and prepare once.

2.4 Biography essay : These type of essay are based on life of famous people such Mahatma Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar or any other famous persons.

Parts of an essay :-

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
  1. Introduction : Introduction is very important part of essay. This is where from you start writing your essay. Your essay must be attractive and eye catching. You can start with any good quote related to the topic give. Remember this is first chance where you can impress the examiner. Introduction of the essay must convey the main idea of the essay. Important question can also be asked in the introduction part.
  2. Main Body : This is longest and important part of essay. You can provide factual data supporting your arguments, logical analysis and develop body of the essay. You have to avoid any personal bias. Explain the main idea of the essay here in detail and don’t forget the word limit.
  3. Conclusion : Your conclusion must be logical , strong and in, line with the body of essay. It means whatever argument you have provided in the body, conclusion must be in line with the that argument. Summarize your essay in short and with definitive argument here.

Types of letters :-

Broadly letters can be divided into two types of letter :-

  1. Formal letter
  2. Informal letter
  1. Formal letter : This kind of letter is written to officials of government, editors of the newspaper or any other senior authority such as employer. You must follow the fixed format. We will discuss this letter format in detail in other post
  2. Informal Letter : This type of letter is written to your friend, family member or relatives. There is no such fixed format of letter writing in informal letters. All you need is clearly express your ideas.

Steps to write effective descriptive paper in exams :-

  1. Create a rough idea before writing. Write your ideas on rough sheet and write important facts or points related to the essay.
  2. Jot down the important facts.
  3. Analyze your rough sketch and do improvement, if required.
  4. Don’t repeat same words or phrase again and again.
  5. Don’t use irrelevant quotes or question.
  6. Essay should be in simple words. Don’t use ornamental language in writing.
  7. Essay must be grammatical mistake free.
  8. Keep word limit in mind, while writing the essay.
  9. Avoid any personal bias. It negatively affects your performance.
  10. Don’t use negative language.
  11. Use more paragraphs. Don’t try to write whole passage in single paragraph as it negatively affects readability of the essay.
  12. Use different type of sentence structure.

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