Important Days Of The Year

By | 04/07/2019

Hello aspirants ! GK is very important section of all government entrance exams for job. In this ongoing series of general awareness, we are providing you important days of the year. The main advantage of GK or GS section is they gives us sure shot marks in very less time.

General awareness consist of two parts and those are static GK and current affairs. General awareness is asked in SSC Exams, UPSC, State government job exams. The main advantage of static gk is they do not change with time as its name indicates.

Important days of the year
Important days of the year

In this article we are going to discuss national and international important days. We have arranged these days in month wise.

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Army day (India) – 15th January

National youth day ( Birthday of swami vivekanand) – 12th January

Republic day (India) – 26th January

Martyr’s day(India) – 30th January

Sarvodaya day – 30th January


National science day (India) – 28th February

World day of social justice – 20th February

World radio day – 13th February


National industrial safety day – 4th March

CISF foundation day – 11th March

World consumers right day – 15th March

World water day – 22nd March

World TB day – 24th March

Ordnance factories day (India) – 18th March

World theatre day – 27th March

World meteorological day – 23rd March


Indian civil service day – 21st April

National maritime day – 5th April

World heritage day – 18th April

World health day – 7th April

Bhimrao ambedkar’s birth anniversary – 14th April

World copyright day – 23rd April


International labour day – 1st May

World No-Tobacco day – 31st May

National technology day – 11th May

World Asthma day – 1st Tuesday of May

World red cross day – 8th May

Mother’s day – 2nd Sunday of May

World laughter day – 1st Sunday of May

International family day – 15th May


World environment day – 5th June

Fathers day : 3rd Sunday of June

International yoga day – 21st June

World refugee day – 20th June


USA independence day – 4th July

Doctor’s day – 1st July

World population day – 11th July

CRPF foundation day – 27th July


Independence day (India) – 15th August

National sports day (India) – 29th August

International youth day – 12th August

World humanitarian day – 19th August


Teacher’s day (India) – 5th September

Hindi day – 14th September

Engineer’s day – 15th September

World tourism day – 27th September

International day of democracy – 15th September


International day of non-violence and Mahatma Gandhi’s – 2nd October

Lal bahadur shastri birth day – 2nd October

World food day – 16th October

Indian air force day – 8th October

World teacher’s day – 5th October

United nations day – 24th October

International day for eradication of poverty – 17th October


Children’s day – 14th November

Haryana day – 1st November

National education day – 11th November

National journalism day – 17th November

National law day – 26th November

World television day – 21st November


World AIDS day – 1st December

Navy day – 4th December

Armed forces flag day – 7st December

International human rights day – 10th December

National energy conservation day – 14th December

International civil aviation day – 7th December

International migrants day – 18th December

X-mas day – 25th December

Good Governance Day – 25th December

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