Important Vocabulary For SSC Exams

By | 03/07/2019

English language is indispensable part of all government job competitive exams. Vocabulary contains more than half of the paper of English language. Whether it is SSC , IBPS bank exam, law exam or UPSC. Every exam has English as a subject. If you have a good Vocabulary this will help you not just in exam but also in your day to day life.

English vocabulary contains topic like One word substitution, Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and phrasal verb. Good vocabulary also help in solving fill in the blanks and cloze test. So, we can say Vocabulary plays very important role in selection in competitive exams.

In this article we are going to discuss most important vocabulary words important for ssc cgl, ssc chsl, CPO SI, banking exams and all state exams. The benefit of vocabulary is it can be solved within seconds. t doesn’t take much time to solve vocabulary related questions and also there is surety of being correct.

Important vocabulary for ssc exams
Learn Vocabulary

Vocabulary is something which can’t be built in a day. It is a skill and you have to master it over the time. So, practice vocabulary daily. In this article i am providing words and their meaning.

Hamlet : Small village

Contravene : breaking the law.

Imprimatur : Permission or consent

Overt : Openly, apparent

Subvert : Overturn, destabilize

Fraught : Anxiety.

Perjure : False oath

Puritanical : Strict, hard

Castigate : Scold, reprimand

Construe : Interpretation of word, finding meaning.

Perpetual : Everlasting, eternity.

Speculate : Guess

Nudge : Touch

Odious : Bad, Unpleasant

Onus : Responsibility

Now we will use above words in sentences

  1. Hamlet : He lives in a small hamlet.
  2. Contravene: He is accused of contravening the law
  3. Imprimatur : During emergency in country, citizens have to take official imprimatur for any public event.
  4. Overt : In some countries racial discrimination is overt.
  5. Subvert : The rebels tried to subvert the lawful authority.
  6. Fraught : She was fraught when she saw the criminal
  7. Perjure : During the trial John committed perjury and misled the court
  8. Puritanical : His parents is very puritanical and will not allow him to long drive.
  9. Castigate : Ram was castigated by his employer.
  10. Construe : How are you supposed to construe the meaning of that paragraph, when you don’t know German language.
  11. Perpetual : Truth always triumphs, this is a perpetual reality.
  12. Speculate : Everyone is speculating the winner of ongoing cricket world cup.
  13. Nudge : The prime minister nudged the very controversial topic in his election campaign.
  14. Odious : There was very odious smell coming out from the room.
  15. Onus: We have to take the onus of to clean our environment

This is part 1 of vocabulary series. We will upload further lessons very soon.

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