Should I Quit My Job For Preparing Govt. Job?

By | 24/06/2019

Should I Quit My Job For Preparing Govt. Job?

This is the most common doubt among the aspirants who are currently working and want to prepare or preparing for government job exams. Government job has become very lucrative job options among aspirants. The perks associated with government job such as job security, work life balance, different allowances makes government job most sought after option among aspirants.

Should I Quit My Job For Preparing Govt. Job?

While quitting your job or not is very personal matter , still we are trying to discuss both benefits and risk associated with quitting your job for preparation of government job.

Seeing the high level of competition, most of the time working aspirants gets anxious. They start thinking like they can’t beat those competitors who are preparing full time. While it seems true to some extent but it is actually not true. First you have to analyze your situation. Because every job is of different nature and everyone get different amount of free time for preparation while working.

Here i am going to discuss some points to consider before deciding to quit job or not. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself before deciding to quit or not to quit your job :-

  • How much free time you get to study.
  • Are you financially independent or not.
  • Do you have any financial obligation.
  • your weekends are free or you work on weekends as well.
  • Most important , are you serious about government job or it is jut your frustration about your current job.

Now let’s discuss why you want to leave your current job. May be you think you are not getting enough time for studies or you are not able to focus completely on your studies. Well, this may be true to some extent but this can be work out.

I am discussing above points in detail here and solutions if you want to prepare your exam while working. You have consider point discussed below if you want to do both exam preparation and job simultaneously.

Financial Obligation : If you have any financial obligation such as loans to repay or you are only earning member in your family, then it not advisable to leave your job. Today competitive exams are highly competitive in nature and can’t be sure that you will crack the exam in first attempt itself. If you have to go for more than one attempt, it will be very difficult for you to manage your finances, so decide here in which category you fall.

How much free time you get. Everyone has different working hours and different level of complexity of job. Someone works for 9 hours while some has 12 hour shift. Some have field job while some have field work. So, you have to check do you get some time while working. If your answer is yes, it is cherry on the cake. Make sure you will get 3 to 4 hours for your studies after your working hours. It is not easy to get 3 -4 hours after working time, so you have to cut down your leisure time such as chatting, movie watching or any other activities. In short you have to create this time from your daily routine. You can minimize your social media uses.

How you are using your commuting time: If your office is at distance then how you are using your commute time. Do you enjoy listening to music or just doing nothing. You may be travel in metro trains, bus or cab. One thing is sure, mostly you have your mobile phone with you. So use this mobile phone effectively and efficiently. Don’t be a slave of technology instead make technology your slave. Download PDF file of your subject or course and study them while commuting.

Study material : Because you want to prepare for government exam while working selection of correct study material become very crucial. Although whether you are working or not selection of correct study material is always important. But when it comes to study with job selection of right material becomes deciding factor between your success and failure. It is because when you are working, you don’t have luxury of time to try every study material or book available in the market. So first find correct study material and then study. Remember if you have selected right study material half of the journey is already done.

During office hours if you are free, you can read online in your phone or by downloading PDF or any other files in your phone. Use your weekends effectively. You need to avoid party, outing on weekends if you want to clear any government exam while working.

Problems you may face when you quit your job for preparing government exam

  1. No more financially independent : Trust me it hurts when your monthly paycheck stops. You have to minimize your expenses. This change in lifestyle hurts when you are financially independent earlier. So, be prepared for this if you want to leave your job.
  2. Nobody is completely sure when they will crack competitive exam. I am saying this not to dishearten you but to show you reality. And when this time increases you may get into depression or feel low in your life. While your friends or colleagues are buying cars or going abroad for holiday celebrations, you are here studying books. This hurts to see yourself lagging from your counterparts. Be prepare for this thing. You need to be highly focused and strong minded.
  3. If you have left your job you have nothing to do except studies, sometimes it seems very boring seeing your friends photo enjoying on Instagram. I am writing this from psychological point of view. You need to be strong not just financially but also with psychologically. When you are in office you meet new people daily, you face new challenges, you can buy anything . But when you quit your job this luxury is no more with you. You have to cope with this as well.

To conclude, i would suggest it is not good idea to quit your job for government exam preparation. But is is very subjective matter so please go though the points above and decide you can afford to quit your job or not.

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