Solar System Facts – All You Need To Know

By | 10/06/2019

Our planet “Earth” lies in solar system. Eighth planet with Sun together makes solar system. Remember “Pluto” is not a planet now. It is dwarf planet now.Solar system is very important for all exams. UPSC, SSC, Banking all exams cover questions on solar system. You can expect at least one question in each exam. Questions on solar system comes under static GK. So, learn all solar system facts because they are sure shot way to score quick marks.

Our solar system
Nearest planet to EarthVenus
Earth’s twinVenus
Brightest planetVenus
Hottest planetVenus
Morning & Evening starVenus
Biggest PlanetJupiter
Planet with maximum satelliteJupiter
Lord of heavens isJupiter
Planet with big red spotJupiter
Nearest planet to sunMercury
Smallest planetMercury
Greatest diurnal temperatureMercury
Red planetMars
Blue PlanetEarth
Green planetNeptune
Farthest planet from sunNeptune
Coldest planetNeptune
Biggest Satellite Ganymede
Smallest satellite Deimos
Sunlight reaches earth in 8 minutes and 20 seconds
Earth rotation time 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds
Earth revolution time 365.256 days
Planets with No satelliteMercury and Venus
Asteroid belt locationBetween Mars and Jupiter
Kuiper Belt Area beyond Pluto

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