Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing Competitive Exams

By | 19/06/2019
Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing Competitive Exams
Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing Competitive Exams
Top 10 mistakes to avoid while preparing for competitive exams– Clearing any competitive exams is no more a cake walk. With ever increasing competition, it is must know what to do and what to not. Relax, In this article we are going to discuss 10 most common mistakes aspirants do while preparing for competitive exams may be it is UPSC,SSC, IIT-JEE or any other competitive exam. Before we proceed further let’s see this UPSC 2017 stats.

selection ratio in UPSC exam

If you watch carefully, you will find selection ratio is only 0.1%

So, what is the reason of failure of other candidates. Do successful candidates have something different? Except a few extraordinary intelligent students, all other at same intellectual level. so, ask yourself what causes some to pass one of the toughest exams of the country and other fail to qualify.Yes, successful aspirants do something differently and avoid common mistakes which are usually done by failed aspirants

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and i will spend the first four hour sharpening the axe – Abraham Lincoln

As Abraham Lincoln rightly said we must focus on planning and strategy before starting any work. Because well planned and properly timed task is half done even before actually starting it.

Before diving into bandwagon, we must know what to do and what to not for preparation of competitive exams. But unfortunately most of us don’t plan much and start our preparation without planning how to study and what to study. In this article we are going to discuss 10 most common mistakes normally aspirants do while preparing for competitive exams. Read carefully and avoid those mistakes usually done by mediocre aspirants. Here i have listed top 10 mistakes to avoid while preparing for competitive exams.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For Competitive Exams
  1. Doing it because others are doing it– ” You know son, Sharma ji’s son is preparing for civil services, so also do the same. It is matter of our pride. May be your father or other relatives have said you this at any point in your life. Learn to say no, in which you are not interested. Suppose your interest lies in fashion designing , then how you will clear civil services exam. There is very less probability of your clearing civil services exam. This temporary enthusiasm will not last longer and fade away when you face difficulty while preparing. To prepare competitive exams , your motivation comes from inside and motivation comes from inside only when you are really interested in that exam. Remember if an egg falls and crack a life ends. And when the same egg crack by itself taking its normal course, a life is born.
  2. Not reading the syllabus: Most of the aspirants not do the most basic thing i.e. downloading the competitive exam notification. Competitive exam notifications contains exam pattern, exam syllabus. Most of the time aspirants waste their time doing which is not required and skipping the required part of the exam. How you will know what is required and what not? obviously by reading exam syllabus from notification. I know it seems very basic and not required thing to download and read notification, but trust me it matters. All smart aspirants do it.
  3. Directly jumping into competition : Competitive exam aspirants like ssc aspirants usually start their preparation without planning. They not invest their time to identifying right resources and end up reading crap. You may be hard worker, but if your study material is not up to the mark , how you expect yourself to clear the exam. It is like sharpening your weapon before war. Find correct resources, notes, book list, test series etc before starting the preparation. Don’t consider it as waste of time, think this is as you are saving your time by not studying crap and saving yourself from failure.
  4. Studying without timetable: It may seems old school advice, but to clear competitive exam in this cut throat competition, you must be disciplined and to be disciplined you need a time table. Without time table you will study according to your mood. By studying this way you will end up studying some subjects more and some subjects less. And unfortunately this is the perfect recipe of failure. so make time table and study accordingly no matter what. Stick to your time table and thank us later.
  5. Just Study the subjects you like: Remember in competitive exams, giving due attention to every subject is necessary. Because paper comes from the given syllabus. If you like English and most of the time you just study English only, then what will you do in Mathematics. Usually merit is prepared from the consolidated performance of all the subjects. So, avoid this silly mistake and focus on every section or subject of the exam.
  6. Not analyzing mock test : You practice mock test to check your preparation and to have exam like feeling. Normally aspirants attempt mock test, see their score and close that mock test. It doesn’t matter you are attempting online mock test or offline, analyzing is most important thing. There is no use of mock test if you takes test, see your score and close it. Analyze what mistakes you have done, note it done somewhere and try not to do same mistake again. For correct answers see how much time you have taken to solve that question and if there is better way to solve that question. Most of the modern online test provide you the analytics where you can see how much time you have spend on each question, correct answer, and how to solve them in short time. Take advantage of analytics part. Even if you attempt offline mock, check your accuracy level and try no to do same mistake again. Compare your performance with others and check if you are taking more time than the expected time. It’s all about time game when it comes to competitive exam because if given unlimited time any one can solve complete paper.
  7. Reading multiple books : If you read one topic/subject from multiple books than it is bad practice(Exceptions are always there). When you study same thing from different books you get confused and it becomes difficult to recall the same in exam. We all know that one friend who has made library by buying books. There is no point of buying books when you not study all. Success mantra to clear any Indian competitive exam is reading one book ten times then to reading ten books one time.
  8. Comparing yourself with others : Since it is competitive exam it is good practice to keep eye on peers because in competitive exam your success depends not only on how you study but also on how others studies. Because it competitive exam relative performance matters. You just need to one step ahead of your competitors. You don’t need any perfection. But comparing your performance in your initial phase of preparation is bad idea. Because you don’t know when your competitor has started his preparation and you are comparing yourself with your first day of preparation. Study for certain time , complete the syllabus ,then start comparison.
  9. Distraction : In this digital world we are getting more distracted than ever. Notifications are popping from anywhere. While studying try to keep all screen’s off including your mobile phone, tab, television and everything. Be focused.
  10. Rumor : “you know, the syllabus of IIT-JEE is going to change this time”- your friend said this to you. And you start exploring the possibilities and got distracted from your studies. Here your exam may be different but the problem is same everywhere. There is always rumor regarding to any exam. Until there is an official notification regarding any change, don’t focus on rumors. Rumors just give you distraction and impact your performance in negative way only. So, never and ever focus on rumors.

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