Top 100 one word substitution PDF for ssc and bank exams

By | 18/07/2019

One word substitution adds beauty to sentences. they help in shortening the sentences as well as make our verbal and written communication more effective. One word substitutions are helpful from exam point of view as well. Almost all government exam where English is asked, one word substitution is essential part of the exam.

one word substitution

One word substitutions helps in scoring good marks in less time as there is no need to do nay calculation like mathematics. If you know the answer you will mark it otherwise not, one word substitutions are that simple. This has been taken from previous year question paper of ssc..

In this article we are going to discuss top 100 one word substitution for ssc and bank exams.

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Top 100 One Word substitution for SSC And Bank Exams

  1. A post with little work but high salary : Sinecure
  2. Occurring at night : Nocturnal
  3. Calmness and indifference to sufferings : Stoicism
  4. The practice of submitting a proposal to popular vote : Referendum
  5. One who tends to take hopeful view of life : Optimist
  6. One who is known for bad acts : Notorious
  7. That which cannot be called back : Irrevocable
  8. One ho believes in giving equal opportunity to women :
  9. To run away with a lover : Elope
  10. A person who writes decoratively : Calligrapher
  11. A person who tests eye sight : Ophthalmologist
  12. One who loves books : Bibliophile
  13. Military waking signal sounded in the morning : Reveille
  14. One who walks in sleep : Somnambulist
  15. Study of insects : Entomology
  16. Study of words : Etymology
  17. A place where Jews worship according to their religion : Synagogue
  18. The sound of Funeral bell : Knell
  19. Scientific study of birds : Ornithology
  20. To be biased against : Prejudiced
  21. A remedy for all disease : Panacea
  22. A shy look that is lustful : Leer
  23. A pen for small animals : Hutch
  24. First public speech delivered by a person : Maiden speech
  25. Bitter and violent attack in words : Diatribe
  26. Causing or ending in death : Fatal
  27. A method which never fails : Infallible
  28. One who collects coin : Numismatist
  29. A road bordered with trees : Boulevard
  30. Murder of parents : Parricide
  31. Something capable of being done : Feasible
  32. The study of maps : Cartography
  33. A building where an audience sits : Auditorium
  34. A doctor who treats children : Pediatrician
  35. A person who is unable to pay his debts : Insolvent
  36. The art of good eating : Gastronomy
  37. A person who is going foreign land to settle there : Immigrant
  38. One who has become dependent on something or drugs : Addict
  39. Science of disease : Pathology
  40. Constant effort to achieve something : Perseverance
  41. Tough tissues in joints : Ligaments
  42. Pertaining to cattle : Bovine
  43. One who can use both hands equally well : Ambidextrous
  44. One who hates women : Misogynist
  45. Intense fear or dislike : Phobia
  46. Occurring at irregular interval of time : Sporadic
  47. A violent storm : Tempest
  48. One who finds nothing good in anything : Cynic
  49. One who compiles a dictionary : Lexicographer
  50. Handwriting that can-not be read : Illegible
  51. A child born after the death of its father : A posthumous child
  52. A situation that stops an activity from progressing : Bottleneck
  53. A [person who loves mankind : Philanthropist
  54. T give one’s authority to other : Delegate
  55. A animal story with moral : Fable
  56. Fit to be eaten : Edible
  57. One who eats both vegetable and meat : Omnivorous
  58. The killing of whole group of people : Genocide
  59. Place where wine is made : Brewery
  60. Related to moon : Lunar
  61. Animal that feed on plants : Herbivorous
  62. To injure one’s reputation : Defame
  63. One who eats too much : Glutton
  64. One who knows everything : Omniscient
  65. Detailed plan of journey : Itinerary
  66. One who takes care of building : Warden
  67. One who possess many talents : Versatile
  68. One who is all powerful : Omnipotent
  69. A medicine to nullify the effect of poison : Antidote
  70. A person who repairs broken window glasses : Glazier
  71. The practice of having many wives : Polygamy
  72. A words that reads the same backwards or forwards : Palindrome
  73. An assembly of worshipers : Congregation
  74. A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army : Mercenary
  75. An extract from a book of writing : Excerpt
  76. A heavy continuous fall of rain : Downpour
  77. Passing out of use : Obsolescent
  78. Government by the few people : Oligarchy
  79. A drug or other substance that induces sleep : Sedative
  80. Having a stale smell taste : Rancid
  81. That which can not be corrected : Incorrigible
  82. Lack of feeling : Apathy
  83. A small village or group of houses : Hamlet
  84. Incapable of being tired : Indefatigable
  85. A medicines that softens the bowels : Laxative
  86. A written declaration of government or political party : Manifesto
  87. A policy that segregates people on the basis of race : Apartheid
  88. A method of boiling briefly to cook food : Parboil
  89. A recurrent compulsive urge to steal : Kleptomania
  90. A person who deliberately sets fire to buildings : Arsonist
  91. One who makes an official examination of accounts : Auditor
  92. A land fit for growing plants : Arable
  93. Fear of telling lies : Mythophobia
  94. Study of skin and its disease : Taxidermy
  95. A person who worship only one god : Monotheist
  96. One who pretends to what he is not : Hypocrite
  97. To destroy completely : Annihilate
  98. A handsome man : Adonis
  99. Someone not fit to be chosen : Ineligible
  100. A person who is easily deceived or tricked : Gullible

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