Top 100 Idioms and Phrases PDF For SSC CGL and Bank Exams

By | 15/07/2019

Idioms and phrases are most important part of English language section. Idioms comes under vocabulary section. The main advantage of Idioms and phrases is they can be solved in minimum time and accuracy is always hundred percent, if you know the correct answer. Here we are providing top 100 idioms and phrases for ssc cgl and banking exams.

To understand the written text, and speak effectively, you must know the Idioms and phrases. In this article we are going to discuss top 100 useful and important idioms and phrases for ssc cgl and banking exams.

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  1. Takes after

meaning : to resemble

Use : He takes after his father.

2. Made a clean breast

meaning : to confess

Use : The criminal made a clean breast of everything he had done.

3. An open book

meaning : one who has no secrets

Use : The saint’s life was an open book.

4. All at sea


meaning : confused

Use : He is all at sea now.

5. Pay through his nose

meaning : Pay high price

Use : My friend has pay through his nose for new car.

6. In a tight corner

meaning : In difficult situation.

Use : His failure put him into tight corner.

7. To eat a humble pie

meaning : To apologise

Use : The king had been made to eat a humble pie.

8. Hobson’s choice

meaning : No alternative

Use : She was given hobson’s choice by his employer.

9. By fits and starts

meaning : Irregularly

Use : Sunil works by fits and starts.

10. A dark horse

meaning : Unforeseen competitor.

Use : Everyone treated him as mediocre but he turns out an dark horse.

11. Red-letter day

meaning : a memorable day

Use : Graduation ceremony was red letter day for him.

12. To face the music

meaning : To bear the main part of something unpleasant.

Use : We have to face the music of our bad act.

13. Leaps and bounds

meaning : At rapid pace

Use : He is progressing leaps and bounds in his career.

14. Die in harness

meaning : Die while in service

Use : Those who died in harness, their families will be compensated.

15. To steer clear of

meaning : to avoid

Use : steer clear of bad elements in life.

16. A fair weather friend

meaning : A friend who deserts you in difficulty

Use : She is a fair-weather friend.

17. To take someone to task

meaning : To scold someone

Use : He was taken to task by his employer.

18. To run across

meaning : to meet by chance

Use : I ran across my old friend in the market.

19. Cut no ice with

meaning : have no effect

Use : My suggestions cut no effect on him.

20. In high spirits

Energetic and passionate

meaning : full of hope and enthusiasm

Use : Team India is in high spirits after winning all the matches.

21. Spilling the beans

meaning : Revealing the secret

Use : He spilled the beans before the opponents.

22. Fed up

meaning : Annoyed

Use : I am fed up with him.

23. A white elephant

meaning : Expensive but useless possession.

Use : This car has become a a white elephant for me.

24. Ended in fiasco

meaning : Complete failure

Use : The madagascar coup attempt ended in a fiasco.

25. A bone of contention

meaning : A subject of dispute

Use : Kashmir is the bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

26. Yeoman’s service

meaning : excellent work

Use : He did yeoman’s service while constructing that building.

27. To smell a rat

meaning : To be suspicious.

Use :I smell a rat in his sudden loves for me.

28. Gift of the gab

meaning : Talent for speaking.

Use : Narendra modi has gift of the gab.

29. Run down

meaning : Criticise

Use : Do not run down your friends in public.

30. At the eleventh hour

meaning : At the last moment.

Use : The criminal was pardoned at the eleventh hour just as he was about to be hanged.

31. On the brink of

meaning : At the point of.

Use : His position in the company was on the brink of disaster.

32. A scapegoat

meaning : punished for the mistake of other.

Use : The poor subordinates are made scapegoats by their superiors.

33. Sought after

meaning : In great demand

Use : This mobile phone is the most sought after electronic product at this time.

34. To hit below the belt

meaning : To attack unfairly

Use : He won the game by hitting below the belt.

35. Status quo

meaning : Unchanged position.

Use : The court refused to change the status quo.

36. End up in smoke

meaning : come to nothing / useless

Use : Negative arguments generally end up in smoke when team members sit together to discuss important strategies.

37. Come to grief

meaning : suffer

Use : He will certainly come to grief if he does not leave his present friends.

38. Bury the hatchet

meaning : To make peace

Use : She decided to bury the hatchet.

39. Turn down

meaning : reject

Use : she turned down the marriage proposal.

40. Die hard

stubborn and die hard

meaning : Unwilling to change

Use : he is die hard fan of Indian cricket.

41. Point blank

meaning : directly

Use : She denied point blank her involvement in the crime.

42. Took exception

meaning : objection

Use : I took exception to his remarks and left the meeting.

43. Hold your tongue

meaning : Be silent

Use : Please hold your tongue in this matter, otherwise you will repent.

44. Slip off

meaning : leave quietly

Use : She tried to slip off, but was caught immediately.

45. Swept under the carpet

meaning : Kept hidden

Use : The whole problem has been swept under the carpet, but that is not the solution.

46. Achilles’ heel

meaning : fatal weakness

Use : Communicative English is the achilles’ heel for the job aspirants.

47. Null and void

meaning : invalid and ineffective

Use : The policy has been declared to be null and void.

48. Weal and woe

meaning : Joys and sorrows

Use : Life is full of weal and woes.

49. Egged you on

meaning : Urged you

Use : What egged you on to become a social worker.

50. To play a second fiddle

meaning : Take a subordinate role

Use : he doesn’t like to play a second fiddle.

51. Give and take

meaning : Adjustments

Use : life is full of give and take.

52. Wet his whistle

meaning : Have a drink

Use : He stopped at the bar to wet his whistle.

53. Bad hats

meaning : People of bad character

Use : Don’t mix with the bad hats.

54. Picking holes in

meaning : Finding fault with

Use : He is in the habit of picking holes in everything.

55. The die is cast

meaning : Decision has been taken

Use : The die is cast and nothing can be done now.

56. Read between the lines

meaning : To understand the hidden meaning.

Use : If you read between the lines, you will appreciates what he writes.

57. Husband our resources

meaning : Save

Use : We must husband our resources for hard times.

58. Batten down the hatches

meaning : Prepare for difficult situation

Use : We had better down the hatches. The weather is unpredictable.

59. Swan song

meaning : Last performance

Use : Ravi left us with a heart-wrenching swan song

60. Down in the dumps

Depressed girl

meaning : Sad and depressed

Use : Sunil lost the money, so he was down in the dumps.

61. All moonshine

meaning : Nonsense

Use : The director’s idea for the development of the company are all moonshine

62. Going places

meaning : Talented and successful

Use : Indians are going places in the field of technology.

63. Cut and dried method

meaning : Ready made method

Use : There is no cut and dried method for doing this.

64. To break a ice

meaning : To start a conversation

Use : The personality development classes started with an Ice breaking session.

65. Cordoned off

meaning : Isolated

Use : The police cordoned off the area after the explosion.

66. Bring about

meaning : Cause to happen

Use : The newly elected chief minister has promised to bring about changes in the state.

67. Month of sundays

meaning : A long time.

Use :It takes a month of Sundays to chop all the wood.

68. Off and on

meaning : Often

Use : We visit the shopping mall off and on.

69. Might and main

meaning : with full power.

Use : We must work with all our might and main , otherwise we can not succeed.

70. By the skin of his teeth

meaning : By the narrowest margin

Use : The thief managed to escape by the skin of his teeth.

71. Maiden speech

meaning : First speech

Use : He spoke well, though it was his maiden speech.

72. Salad days

meaning : Adolescence

Use : In his salad day she was quite a dandy.

73. Within a stone’s throw

meaning : At a short distance

Use : Our college is within a stone’s throw of the railway station.

74. Gather roses only

meaning : To seek all enjoyment of life

Use : Abha did not care for his family, she wanted to gather roses only.

75. Hold water

meaning : Logical fact

Use : Her argument doesn’t hold water.

76. Beyond the pale

meaning : Outside commonly accepted standards

Use : Your behavior is simply beyond the pale.

77. See eye to eye

meaning : To have same opinion

Use : I do not see eye to eye with you in this matter.

78. Went haywire

meaning : become out of control

Use : After the public meeting, the crowd went haywire.

79. Fight shy

meaning : Avoid

Use :Why do you fight shy of me?

80. In dutch


meaning : In trouble

Use : The boy was in dutch with his friends.

81. Come to light

meaning : revealed

Use : Through the reporters effort, many criminals have come to light.

82. Look sharp

meaning : Pay attention

Use : Look sharp or you will miss the opportunity.

83. Big draw

meaning : Huge attraction

Use : The rock concert proved to be a big draw.

84. Put foot down

meaning : Take a firm stand

Use : Where discipline is concerned, i put my foot down.

85. At daggers drawn

meaning : Enemies

Use : Te two friends are now at daggers drawn over a petty issue.

86. Go to the dogs

meaning : be ruined

Use : If you do not mend your ways, you are sure to go to the dogs.

87. For good

meaning : permanent

Use : He is going abroad for good.

88. Black sheep

meaning : person with bad reputation

Use : you find a black sheep in every community.

89. To cut the gordian knot

meaning : solve a difficult problem.

Use : He cut the gordian knot by solving that math question.

90. Beside the mark

meaning : irrelevant

Use : His observations were beside the mark.

91. Make a beeline

meaning : Rushed

Use : The day when new product launched, people made a beeline to purchase it.

92. Make amends for

meaning : compensate

Use : Unless you make amends for the loss, nobody is prepared to excuse you.

93. Keep a level head

meaning : be sensible

Use : Even in the middle of the fire, he kept a level head.

94. A closefisted man

meaning : A miser

Use : A closefisted man doesn’t know the significance of human life.

95. Ducks and drakes

meaning : Spent lavishly

Use : She played ducks and drakes with his boyfriend’s money.

96. At loggerheads

meaning : to be at strife

Use : She and her neighbour are always at loggerheads.

97. Out of sorts

meaning : not well

Use : He is out of sorts now days.

98. Shake off

meaning : Forget

Use : For years, i couldn’t shake off the trauma of that day.

99. Pull a long face

meaning : look dejected, sad

Use : He pulled a long face when he heard about his failure.

100. Keep the wolf away from the door


meaning : To avoid starvation

Use : He is hardly able to keep the wolf away from the door.

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