Which is Better Bank Job or SSC ?

By | 23/06/2019

Here we are going to discuss very important issue which confuses aspirants most of the time. That issue is “Which is better bank job or ssc job”. Should i go for banking career or pure government job like ssc or any other department. In this post we will discuss in detail pros and cons of each banking career and ssc job. Although it is individual choice to decide which path to choose but here we are going to give you general idea of both and then you have to decide where to go.

Whenever you decide to join government sector job this questions comes to all of us which sector to choose among bank,. railway or ssc. Most common mistake done by aspirants is they decide to do prepare for all the exams simultaneously.

Let’s discuss problem when you prepare for all the exams simultaneously. In this cut throat competition, you can’t afford to lose a single mark. When you prepare for all the exams simultaneously, you will not be able to fully focus on single exam and your effort and focus will be divided. You will become jack of all but master of none.

Which is Better Bank Job or SSC Job?

When a student starts preparation he checks syllabus of all banks, railways and ssc. He finds that syllabus of all these field is common i.e. all have English, Reasoning, Math, and General Awareness. But he does mistakes here. Although it seems that syllabus of all these exams is same from outside but actually there is miner difference in the syllabus of each section in these exams. For example reasoning of banking sector is comparatively difficult to ssc and railways. Similarly SSC math contains advance concepts like geometry , mensuration while banking exams have focus on arithmetic. Usually banks have tier 1 exam of qualifying nature while in ssc each tier marks is counted for final merit preparation. Similar kind of differences you will find in their syllabus as well.

In this high competition era, we will suggest you to select one exam first , crack it and then move to next exam, if you want. Here we will discuss details of each sector.


PROS : Banking sector offers challenging and full of opportunity career. It provides high individual growth prospects. You will deal in different domain like PO, Cashier, Financial risk management, Insurance etc. There is job satisfaction as well because you will be directly contributing in growth of the economy. In banking you will get chance to work across the country. you will get to know new cultures and challenging position you face will bring out the best version of you.you may be required to attend conferences abroad, providing you opportunity to travela and learn new things.

CONS : Banking sector is no more safe career option with increasing privatization. You may be required to do multiple roles like being a PO or Clerk you may be required to sell insurance schemes. Although it is respectable career, but here you will not get power as other government jobs.


PROS : Job security is high here. Since ssc is central government jobs, you will get perks of central government such as good salary and power. Here job profiles are powerful ones such as income tax inspector. But growth chances is not as good as banking sector. Growth and promotion is slow compare to banking sector jobs.

CONS : Promotion and individual growth chances are less comparatively. May be you will required to serve from one single location throughout your career i.e. it is little difficult to get transfer. File work or repetitive nature of work not suits to everyone.


PROS : The main advantage of any government job is job security and this goes well with railway also. So, primary advantage is job security. Secondly you will feel satisfies as you will be serving the nation. Indian railway also provide housing facility and a lots of allowances.

CONS : Since Indian railway operates throughout the country , you may be transfer from one place to other leading to instability. Your shifts may be changed as per requirement because railway operations all day and night. Salary in the railway is not high as private sector and it is moderate in nature. If you don’t like bureaucracy it may be a little difficult for you in the railway. Promotions are very slow com,pare to private sector job and usually happens in group. It means individual performance does not matter as it matters in private sector. It will be really difficult to switch your job if you are unhappy with this job.

So, here we have discussed differences in their exam pattern and syllabus and advantage and disadvantage of each banking job, railway and ssc jobs. Find what you want from you, which kind of person you are and which kind of life you want and choose accordingly.

if you have any question or suggestion let me know in the comment section below.

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